My Yogaworks Review

So I have been doing yoga online at MyYogaWorks for about two months now on a free trial and I can happily say that I will continue with their programming once my trial ends on Saturday. As someone who enjoys yoga but doesn’t have the time or disposable income to commit to a studio, this provided a no excuses way to get a kick ass workout every morning.

I alternated between picking my own videos and doing a few of the “Journey Series,” and these provided not only motivation, but also a series of workouts that worked together and really felt like a cohesive group. Two of my favorites were the New Years Yoga Reboot and Summer Ready, which I am participating in now. These Series are split up by skill level so you won’t be expected to do workouts that are too far above or below your abilities. I found that intermediate was a good spot for me seeing as I’m fairly athletic, but not that experienced with the practice of yoga.

Another awesome feature of this program is the ability to pick the length of each of your practices (unless your participating in a Journey Series). So if I was in a rush on the weekdays I would just throw in a quick 15 min workout, and then balance it out with a longer 60 min one on the weekends. I told myself that I would work out everyday no matter what – and the best way to guarantee this actually happened was to pick a work out that fit my time schedule so I couldn’t make the excuse of being too busy.

Additionally, since it’s been pretty stormy over here in Northern California, all I needed to get my workout done was an internet connection and some space. So by eliminating all of these excuses I was forced to work out. And realistically – yoga itself isn’t very intimidating when it comes to working out – so it’s not very hard to get all your ducks in a row for this one.

So, having only ever really attended one yoga class, I was curious to see if this would provide enough of a workout that I wouldn’t have to do anything else – so for two months I did just that, and I have to say, it totally worked! I felt surprisingly sore after some of the more involved workouts, and I am definitely more flexible than I was at the start of the year!

Over all this is the perfect no-excuses programming to keep the pudge at bay during the winter months and keep the SADS and stress under control with some deep meditation and reflection. I will definitely keep this in the rotation even once the weather starts to brighten up!

Would definitely recommend to those like myself with little motivation when it comes to shitty weather and a busy schedule.