The Good Girl Review

I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell lately and haven’t had any time to read. Partially due to actually not being able to but mostly due to a lack of motivation and will… it’s been a shitty month. Anyway, as a result this book took me almost three months to finish and it’s not particularly long – but that’s besides the point.

This is a novel that is split into three distinct time slots; Before, Christmas Eve, and After. That being said, it does not flow in a chronological order. You get glimpses of before and after before you ever find out what happens at the pivotal point of the story on Christmas Eve. And just when you think you figured out with the twist is in this novel, you get hit with an even bigger one that I for one, did not see coming at all.

This thriller will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and The Luckiest Girl Alive. And although it does not appear to be in for production for a movie currently, it has been confirmed that the rights have been bought.


On a side note: If anyone has any similar recommendations please leave them in the comments!


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