2015 Book Review


Looking for Alaska has gained a lot of noteriety of the last few years, and for good reason. This was the first book I read on my kindle and I finished it within days. Given that I read this over a year ago – it still is one of my favorite books and leaves me feeling oddly nostolgic when I think about it. It’s currently in pre-production to be made into a movie likely to drop in 2017, so if you havent read it yet – read it before you read anything else on this list.



Queen of Tearling is book one in a trilogy that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones alike. It set in a futuristic monarchy type setting with all the fantasy and betrayal of the afformentioned series’. This too is being made into a movie with Emma Watson as the lead, aside the same team that made Harry Potter, so you know it’s bound to be good.


6690798I ended up reading The Passage after both my boyfriend and my Kindle kept recommending it to me – and it was not at all what I expected. The description makes it sound as if it is an unlikely journey between a lost little girl and a federal investigator through the harsh wilderness of North America, so I was pretty confused when it took a turn towards to post-apocolyptic. It might have something to due with the fact that it took me a very long time to read this hefty book – but it felt to me as if it was broken up into two seperate stories. However my boyfriend absolutely loves it – so for those into the post-apocolyptic, Walking Dead, sort of thing – this is for you!


After reading Looking for Alaska, I was looking to get my hands on anything written by 51hgkNew+XL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_John Green so Paper Towns seemed like the natural next step seeing as it was being made into a movie shortly after. And it did not disappoint. Reading this made me want to forget all of my responsibilites and go on an amazing adventure for no rational reason because I related so strongly to Quentin and wanted to be Margo. It’s a great coming of age novel and makes you oddly nostalgic about highschool and the kind of ironic freedom you had.


allegiant-by-veronica-rothAllegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy, and in my opinion, the best one. There isn’t as much need to construct the scene in this one so it really focuses on the characters and their relationships. I ripped through this one faster than any of the previous two and it played my emotions like a fiddle. The final movie is being split into two parts with the first part set to release during the Spring of this year.



If you haven’t heard about Girl on the Train, you need to stop reading this and go pick it up right now. It’s set in modern day London with a protagonist that is in the most simplest of terms… pathetic. But her drunken blackouts and lack of a moral compass are key to this mystery and will constantly have you shaking your head at her misguided and ill-advised choices. This, like most of the others on this list, is being turned into a movie set to be released on October 7th of this year. Emily Blunt will be playing Rachel and I have to say, I was hoping for someone who fit the description a little more (ahem! Melissa Mcarthy!)


the-selection-seriesThe Selection Series is one I started while I was in Europe since I had so much time to kill on various forms of transportation. Fans of the Luxe serious or the Hunger Games might enjoy this new series that follows one girl through a gameshow like competition to win over the prince of a Illea (previously North America, but there’s some war back story on that.) Think the Bachelor, but with a royal spin and a younger selection pool. Anyway, good YA series and a pretty easy read.

41dmcwlqdnl-_sy344_bo1204203200_An Abundance of Katherines was a result of my craving for another John Green novel. This showed up in my recommendations a few times but the description never piqued my interest enough to actually buy it. And that will be the last time I make that mistake. I guess you could say this is technically a love story, but more importantly it is a story about an adventure and discovering yourself – similar to all of John Green’s novels. I have somehow fallen in love and related to all of his protagonists and we have virtually nothing in common. This book just makes you feel good about life.51hmfl5xx9l-_sy344_bo1204203200_


ATTENTION FANS OF GONE GIRL & GIRL ON A TRAIN: Read this book. I finished this 350 page novel in four days and I wish I could just keep reading it. The Luckiest Girl Alive alternates between the present and about 13 years prior when the protagonist was still in high school. This story all surrounds this one horrific event that happened in the past that you don’t even learn about until half way through and it was the most wonderfully irritating thing. I feel like I can’t say anything about it without giving something away so just read it. Read it.

UPDATE: Just found out this too is being made into a movie produced by the same people as Gone Girl. No release date yet.

200px-extremely_loud_and_incredibly_close_largeExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close is one of those books that has been around for a while that I myself had just got around to reading due to lack of recommendations and motivation. And it totally makes sense why it’s so popular. This story takes place right after 9/11 following the sweetest little boy (potentially autistic?) named Oscar on a wild goose chase around New York City. It tugs on all the heart strings and really makes you think about life before and after 9/11. You can’t help but fall in love with Oscar and his resilience for a truth that may or may not exist.




I was somewhat reluctant to add this to my list, but this was my trashy read of the year so give me a break. What Once was Perfect drew my attention because of it’s Christmas story and my desperate desire to get in the spirit. It’s a trashy semi-erotic novel about high school sweet hearts reunited and all of the complication that comes with it. It’s a good book if you’re looking for something to turn your brain off too while you’re curled up by the fire.


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